Copy the date found in the Title to Comments

Greetings from Nashville. Thanks for my favorite program!! I use MP3Tag every week. And I'm on a hot streak lately. I know this will be a super simple action request for you geniuses out there!

I would like to copy the dates found in song titles to the comments field (so I can sort by date, via the comments)

For example, the Title would be in 1 of two formats; with or without a venue and city:

  1. Bird Song (1981-02-26 Uptown Theatre, Chicago)
  2. Samson And Delilah (1977-05-26)

I would like to copy the 1981-02-26 and 1977-05-26 to the Comments field.

One caveat, if there is information in the Comment already, I would like the new date to come first with a " " followed by the existing comment.

So, if the Comment field already has "Recorded live at Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore", the new comment would be:
1977-05-26 Recorded live at Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore

Thanks again!!!!!! You guys rock!!

Try an action of the type "Format value" for comment
Format String: "$regexp(%title%,'.*\((\d+-\d+-\d+).*',$1)" %comment%
You may have to trim the field later.