Copy Titlename to empty Albumfield

I try to copy the titlename of 50 dj mixes to the empty albumfield.
MY songs are all in one folder. I imported them to mp3tag.
I tried to set up a new action, but: I don´t get the point.

Is there any easy help?


There is: How can I copy one field value to another field?

Hi. Thanks alot.
Didn´t work.

This one:

Action type: Format value
Field: BAND
Format string: %artist%

copied the field INTERPRET to the field ALBUM-INTERPRET

I tried to chnage your tip to:

Action type: Format value
Field: TITLE
Format string: %album%

but that deleted all TITLE

What I want is the following: either the DATEINAME or TITLE -> ALBUM (either green or red arrow):

I changed mp3tag to English, but it stays partly German.

Thanks alot,

ahhhhhhh, viceversa, the fields.

Got it, thanks alot.

Mike :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This copies the content of the ALBUM field to TITLE. Use ALBUM as field and %title% as format string of you want it the other way round.

If you're referring to the column names in Mp3tag's file view and the descriptions of the user-defined entries at the Tag Panel then it's by intention (since these parts could be possible changed by the user).