Copy value from YEAR tag to DATE tag

Hi there, I have been an avid user of MP3tag for the last few years in order to help me edit and maintain accurate metadata in my music collection.

My go-to Music app on Android is the default Sony "Music" app, a vestige from my many Xperia phones.
I have recently upgraded from another Android phone to the Galaxy S23, and suddenly most of my albums stopped showing the year of release.
A few years ago I came across a problem with the years not showing on the Music app, and to remedy it I deleted the years off the DATE tag and left them on the YEAR tag only.

Now it seems like the opposite is happening, and only files that have the years on the DATE tag are showing the year of release on the albums.

After further inspection it seems that duplicating the year to be on the DATE and YEAR tags seems to work fine, so I wanted to know how could I go about copying the values in the YEAR tag to the DATE tag in all of my music collection.
I could not seem to fine any way to do that, but as this program is quite advanced I thought I was just missing it.

Just to reiterate - I am looking to edit my music files in bulk, so that each one would have its YEAR value be copied over to the DATE tag, so both of them would have the same value in them.

Thanks in advance

Select all files and proceed as described in the FAQs:

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