Copy YEAR field from one group of files to another

I have many compilation albums ripped from my CDs. I rip to FLAC and Apple Lossless. For sorting and display purposes on my DLNA devices, I try to keep the year of each individual track in the YEAR field. (Some will suggest keeping the individual year data in other fields, but that won't work for me.)

I take the time to manually enter each track's year into either the FLAC or ALAC version of the files, and I'd like to be able to copy the %year% value from the group of FLAC (or ALAC) files to the other group of FLAC (or ALAC) files.

I can do Tag Copy/Tag Paste, but that replaces the entire tag, and in some cases I don't want the extended tags of FLAC versions to get overwritten with the extended tags of ALAC versions, or vice-versa.

I tried Exporting to a tag .txt file and then importing the YEAR field, but mp3tag copied the entire contents of the text file into the YEAR field of each track.

I've searched the forum, and there are actions that work well to copy or replace from one field to another in a single group of files, but not to copy or replace between groups of files. Does anyone have any ideas?


Unfortunately you do not tell us, what kind of export you used.
you can export only the YEAR field and then reimport it.
Or, you can use a field assignment like
(if the output was a CSV file with four fields and the third field being YEAR).
That is the only way I see.

I selected the files, then chose Actions>Actions (Quick)>Export>OK. Then I chose the txt_taglist option. The reason I chose that is because the Actions list only has an "Import Text File" option. I tried the html export option, but Import Text File didn't like that. :slight_smile:

I don't know how I would choose to export only the YEAR field. Do I edit the txt_taglist config file with notepad? Is there an easier, GUI way to do it?


I am afraid not.
Select the files from which you want to export the year.

Select the menu
File>Export ...
in the subsequent dialogue you can create a new report (which in effect opens notepad)
In notepad you may paste the following:


Save the file, select the new report, enter a decent file for the export, click OK.
Check, if the output is OK.

For the import use "Convert>Textfile-Tag" and enter %year% as import mask.

BUT: the target files have to be sorted in the same sequence as the source files - in the example the output is sorted by filename.
If this does not fit, enter a different field for $loop(%_filename_ext%), e.g. $loop(%track%).
Also, the target number of files has to match the number of records in the export file.


Thank you very much for that solution. I edited a copy of the default txt_taglist configuration file to make it look like your report text, and then I added %year% as the field mask (instead of simply using YEAR from the drop-down list) in the Import Text File dialog. The result is exactly what I wanted. :slight_smile:

It may not be an "easy" solution, but it works, and it's certainly much faster than manually entering the data!

Thanks again for your help,

While staying in the dialog "Convert Textfile - Tag" in the edit field "Formatstring", the picklist button [>] opens a list of names of tag-fields.
If one tag-field name has been selected, then Mp3tag really inserts the reference to the selected tag-field into the Formatstring.
For example: Select album and the Formatstring get %album%.

This is valid for all the "Convert ..." dialogs where the edit field "Formatstring" can be assembled by using the picklist for tag-field names.


Thank you -- I'll give the Convert dialog a try.