Copying A Subset of Tag Fields From One File To Another

I am re-ripping a chunk of my FLACs using an Accurate Rip-enabled program: dbPowerAmp.
The FLACs I'm replacing are all perfectly tagged so I want to copy the tags from the old FLACs to the new Accurate Ripped FLACs. Of course that can easily be done with the Tag Copy feature. The problem is that I don't want to overwrite my Accurate Rip and ReplayGain related tags in the new FLACs.

Is there a scripting method to control which tag fields to include or exclude when doing a tag copy?

The only thing I found that might work is that Export feature, but I'm looking for something easier.


Not that I know of.

Mp3tag's "tag copy" feature has nothing to do with the scripting capabilities of Mp3tag.
Tag "cut and paste" is a "all or nothing" clipboard service by Mp3tag.


Thanks for your response.

I suppose I can always run a 4 part process:

  1. Copy the tags I want to preserve in the new files to the filename
  2. Perform the tag copy from the old to the new files
  3. Copy the tags back from filename
  4. Restore the filename

A little tedious but not too bad.

Nice idea to use the filename as temporary swap storage.
Be aware of the maximal possible length of the full filepathname of 259 characters and the reduced set of allowed characters.