Copying A to B when C

Could someone please enlighten me, how to copy the whole content of the tag field ALBUM to the tag field TEMPORARY, but only when there is a "" in that field [and if is not not present then just leave the TEMPORARY clean]?

I can format value the TEMPORARY field with
$if(X,%ALBUM%,)but I do not know how to replace that X with my being the go-sign

have a look at the $char() function where you use the character code

Hmm maybe ...
TEMPORARY <== $ifgreater($strstr(%ALBUM%,'word'),0,%ALBUM%,%TEMPORARY%)
... or ...
TEMPORARY <== $ifgreater($strstr(%ALBUM%,'word'),0,%ALBUM%,)


This works, thank you

But this returns a "[ INVALID $IFGREATER SYNTAX ]" error

How about making that code a little safer to use? In that it would only execute itself if there would be only a "Word" and not:

  • word
  • Wordd
  • Word0
  • word0
    [with the 0 meaning any number] or probably any kind of word-ish data?

No, it does not.

For example:
TEMPORARY <== $ifgreater($strstr(%ALBUM%,' word'),0,%ALBUM%,%TEMPORARY%)
... or ...
TEMPORARY <== $ifgreater($strstr(%ALBUM%,'word '),0,%ALBUM%,%TEMPORARY%)
... or ...
TEMPORARY <== $ifgreater($strstr(%ALBUM%,' word '),0,%ALBUM%,%TEMPORARY%)

Hmm, "execute itself", how does it work in Mp3tag?


You are correct, now it works; I must have messed up something back there.


I am trying hard to recall what was that I was trying to achieve back then, but as I am reorganizing my entire system for a couple of days now, I just do not remember. But I know I used the first code that you kindly provided, so thank you

[I somehow implemented my safe guards in a "manual way" - with filtering expression that is]

If the requirements are met then the code works, and if not it does not to its bidding [as it just does nothing because the data requirements are not met and not because the code itself is erroneously written]

So one again thank you very much for your time @DetlevD