Copying and moving files shows only folders structure [in Windows 10]

If the user [while running on Windows 10] selects some files and chooses to either Move or Copy them, then a window of Explorer pop-up, allowing for navigation. However the issue with it is that it shows the folders but does not revels files residing in them

Is this a normal behavior of this operating system? Does other pieces of software also hide files? And if yes- could this be changed by / within Mp3tag?

After all in probably every program when you save a file or try to open a file in it, the navigation windows show files within folders that are in proper format, with most of the programs allowing also to reveal all files [in unrelated formats]. And I know that Mp3tag is not a file-handler, but that does not mean that it could not show the user the files on the user's machine when navigating through folders

You select a target folder, not a target file.
see also:

(Which describes the WIndows behaviour as found in 2017)

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