Copying comments from one file to another.

Hey there!
I am changing some of my old rips with higher quality rips, since i was stupid enough to convert most of my cds 8 years ago @ 128kbps (very clever indeed).
My problem is that i am trying to copy the comments from the old mp3's to the new ones.
I want to copy them simply because in comments i have playcount and ratings since itunes is clever enough not to put those things into id3 tags.
I am trying to export the id3tags from my old mp3's to txt and then copy only the comment tag to the new tracks.
Is it possible and if yes are any restictions, just as the filenames should be the same or the number of tracks and tracks order is enough?
Because EAC makes different name for each file than my previous program (don't even remember it's name).

Thanks a lot in advance.

Do you really want to copy the comment field only or would be the complete tag also OK? If so, using [Ctrl+C] and [Ctrl+V] is the easiest solution.

Kind regards,