Copying Composer column

I keep my music files in 3 codecs FLAC ALAC and LAME.
Is it possible to copy a column Composer data (or any other column of data) from an album of the FLAC copy and place it into the ALAC or LAME copy?
Or do I have to manually re enter it for each track again?
Or would this require multiple instances of mp3tag to be running at once?
Hopefully Ive described what I'm trying to do properly

You can copy the whole tag and even the whole tags of a set of files to another set of files.
The order of the source would be kept.
So, if these files are really copies, then
select all the source files
Use the function Copy tag
Select the target files (which should be the same number and in the same order as the source files)
and paste the tags.

The tag panel is usually a good way to set just a single field for a number of files.
Or, if all the contents is different but only a single field should be copied, then the only way around it would be an export script that also includes the filename.

Wow... Thankyou so looks like that works.. amazing.. :slightly_smiling_face:

[Note: I ask out of curiosity only; I use LAME all the time, and am always interested learning more]
I thought LAME was an encoder, used to create MP3 files from other formats. And while I realize that technically that's what a codec is, I didn't think it was a storage format.

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astrohip..sorry for the delay in responding but I simply keep the "lossy" mp3 version because if relatively small and mainly use in the car and put up with its limitations.

Also just another question on my original topic if I could.
While I see that the tag copying does work when copying from one album to another same album but in another codec.
What if you have two albums that are essentially the same except they may have been produced in different record plants (say in different countries) and slightly different recording levels (album gain..track gain etc etc is used).
When doing the tag copy does all the data get copied that id displayed in an Alt T?
If so that would mean that it would change album and track gain settings? Is that correct?
If that is so that the only way would be to export a script or hand fill again I guess.

A copy is a copy which means it duplicates the source data.
There is no way to select only certain fields for this method.
So, yes, you are right with your assumption to use a dedicated export script.

You cannot do this with multiple files but with a single file and your selection of tag-fields within the extended tag-field menue, which is not so comfortable but may be a little help in certain situations.

Mark a file -> Press ALT-t -> Select some tags ->Copy to the clipboard ->Leave the extended view -> Mark another file -> Press ALT-t -> Paste from the clipboard.

Tag-fields get doubled if they were selected in the source file and already exist in the target-file.
They won't get replaced by the source-tags. So you have to delete these tag-fields in the target first within the extended tag-view.

Thankyou to all for your advice.
Looks like it would just be easier to continue to just copy from discogs or other souces.
Too bad that two instances of mp3tag cannot be open simultaneously on my PC.
Appreciate your help.

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