Copying Fields and Adding them to Blank Fields


Is there a way of copying a field, e.g Artist Field to Album Artist field.

I tried tag-tag method but this didn't work possibly because I may have been doing something wrong.
Let me know


See the FAQs:

Thanks or your response, this doesn't seem to work for me, have I done this correctly?

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If you put the contents of ARTIST into ARTIST then this will not change ALBUMARTIST.
I think that the linked HowTo shows what to do exactly for ALBUMARTIST:

Ah yes, it not looks like this however all is does is clear the artist field.

could you please follow the linked example? That describes exactly what you have to do.

What should it look like? I'm missing something here.

It should be the other way round in respect to FIELD and Format string.
Which is exactly what it says here:

Ok, so I was doing it backwards, that has worked, thanks for the help.

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