Copying filename to tag field and shortening filename


I am new to this forum having found and read a little about Mp3tag – all with regard to my finding a program that could:

  1. copy all filenames (from the filename field) of any Word, Excel and PDF file (located within any folder on my computer) into the respective Tag field for each file, and then

  2. working with the filename field, shorten the filename and/or change any of the filename characters in such manner as I so choose.

My limited understanding is that Mp3tag would have the ability to accomplish the foregoing if the files were of the mp3-type format, but as I wasn’t sure if Mp3tag could do what I seek with Word, Excel and PDF files, I now ask:

Can Mp3tag copy the filename (within the filename field) of any Word, Excel or PDF file to the file’s respective Tag field, and then working again in the filename field, shorten the filename?

If so, I would welcome any suggestions or information on how to use Mp3tag to accomplish the foregoing filename copying and shortening project, and would especially welcome any information or ideas that would help me perform mass copying of filenames and/or mass shortening of filenames (assuming such mass copying/shortening is possible).

Thank you.


The determination of Mp3tag is to enter meta-data into media files.
Such meta-data will be placed into the media file into extra space, which is called "tag".
Mp3tag can work with meta-data in tag-fields (add, edit, remove) and with the filepathname (edit).
Mp3tag can read from and write into text file in order to import or export data.

To comply with the purpose of Mp3tag, it is useless to apply Mp3tag against other file types, e. g. which are of type Word, Excel or PDF file.
In default mode Mp3tag does not display such type of files in the working area.