Copying Filename to Title not working properly

I've been figuring out how to edit the metadata on all of my songs together in bulk and i'm getting there... i found the format string that lets you remove what's before or after a certain character, which is super helpful because i put artist - song name in that order in the filename so that i know what they are when i go to edit the metadata, and i can send it over to the artist field with Filename - Tag.

Only problem is though it gets tricker when i try to copy the Filename to the Title field, it works out fine removing the artist from the Filename field before the - dash and the song name from the Artist field after the - dash sooo basically i name my mp3 file artist - song name. But then i struggle to copy over the song name from the Filename to the Title field and i use Filename - Tag for that too. But it doesn't do it properly and either misses the first word of the song name or doesn't do it at all in a couple fields so i'm having to adjust those parts manually.

I do it in this order though because there is no Title option in the list of fields in any of the other options under the Convert Menu there's Titlesort but that's not it i tried that and nothing happened i don't know what that is lol, in Filename - Tag i enter %filename% %title% and i've tried %_filename% %title% too and works out the same either way.

I think i'm doing it right from reading forum posts, otherwise if there's another way to copy the filename to the Title field that fully copies it over i'd rather use that to save time on editing my songs in bulk because it's not working properly using Filename - Tag. I wish Title was in the other options under Convert though because it would save time than having to jump around a bit, unless it's supposed to be i dunno. What do you think?.

All you write is fairly theoretical.
Please show us a real-life filename (preferably with a screendump) and that what you enter in the Converter, perhaps also with the help of a screendump.

besides forum posts, there is also the documentation:

I'm testing it on already edited mp3 files for you for the screen caps, and i've entered %filename% %title% in the format string box just like you need to do.

It shows the full song name from the Filename at first under the Format String box all is looking well at first... and then... i click OK and it misses the first word from the filename and doesn't fill in a couple others.

As for there being no Title in the list of fields in the Tag - Tag option there really isn't if there should be so i can't do it in any other way except Filename - Tag.

I see.
To get all of the data from filename into title, use
Format string: %title%
(the converter already knows that it has to look at the filename).

If you miss a field name in the dropdown list, then simply type it in.
(sometimes it helps to reset the list with the function in the right-arrow-button next to the list)

Oh right that explains it thanks :slightly_smiling_face: it's not clear that's what you need to do maybe there needs to be some text about the Format String box that says "Filename already counted. Enter only the field name you want to copy the filename to", and same for the other ones too so anyone new to the software knows what it's doing. That fixed it too resetting the fields :smiley: thank you very much i'm sorry i'm figuring this out lol.

If you have such doubts, a look at the documentation is really worthwhile.

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