Copying files instead of moving when restructuring

I have fixed the tags for my music files and now I would like to use the Tag->Filename function in order to re-structure the folders/files in new music folder using an expression that starts with x:\newfolder\artists....
I have two questions:

  1. Can I move over what ever is left in the remaining old folders? such as cover.jpg automatically?
  2. Can I copy the files to the new structure instead of moving?


None of the above with the converter.

If you want to move a whole folder (question 1)to a new location then this is more or less a "renaming".

You do that with an action (instead of the converter) of the type "Format tag field" for the field _DIRECTORY
Enter a fomat string a fully qualified pathname without filename, so following your example:
x:\newfolder\artists\%artist%\%year - %album%

MP3tag does not copy - you would have to do yourself, but then you can easily rename the files with the given action.