Copying length field value

I have a short question. I would like to copy (Ctrl+C) a value from the Length field.
Due to earlier information (from 2010) this field was a read only field.
Is it still a case?

"All technical information fields begin with an underscore %_ and are read-only."

are two of this technical information fields.

Why would you like to copy this information?

For the sake of completeness I would like to add that some programs write %length% as tag field.
See also here:

but this field is just a field with arbitrary contents and usually does not get updated if the header information for _LENGTH changes. You can edit the field LENGTH which is not read-only.
It is not quite clear why this field slipped into the standard.

As the Mp3tag documentation says, LENGTH (without %_) will be mapped to the tag TLEN

The description for TLEN according to the standard is:

The 'Length' frame contains the length of the audiofile in milliseconds, represented as a numeric string.

Thanks all for your answers.

I like copy the value to my Db.

Wouldn't an export with an export script and an import into the

be much easier?
The link to the technical information comes from the context of the export scripts. A good way to exchange data between the files and a database would be a csv file or a file with tabulator characters as separator between the fields works in many cases..

Thanks, I used csv export. But since the value of the Length field in seconds, I had to open the csv file in Excel and "customise" the value to [HH:MM:SS] format. Once more thanks for your support.

OK - but isn't this a problem of the accepting application and its configuration?
I still think that the export way goes quicker than copy&paste of indvidual values.

If I was starting a new database, I am pretty sure that you are right. Unfortunatelly a have an old database and have to append many records. And I do not a common fiels, which I can use to update query.
I am a pensioner, so I have a lot of time. :grinning:

Life is short.

You could ease the copy&paste process if you set in the column definition %_length% as VALUE and as FIELD.
This makes the field editable and therefore easier to copy but does not change the value in the file.

Thanks, it solve my problem :smiley:

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