Copying longer taginfo based on track


Well First, Thanks for a great programm !

Here's my problem.
I have downloaded 2 the same albums in different dirs.
One album has the better bitrate so I want to keep those tracks and delete the other album.
But the other album has more taginfo which I would like to copy to the album with the better bitrate.
I know I can select 2 files and then just use the tagboxes to choose what info to keep and save it so the taginfo of both files are the same.
But the album has 44 tracks and I might come accros this problem in the future.

What I would like to be able to do is just select all tracks of both album and use an action to copy the longer info to the shorter one based on tracknumber.
Would this be possible or can this only be done manually ?

Thanks in advance !


Just select the files with more info and press [Ctrl+C] to copy the tags to the clipboard. After that, select the other file-set and press [Ctrl+V] to paste the tags to the files.

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Ah, Thanks !
Didn't think of that, it certainly speeds up thing !

So I take it it can't be done with actions instead ?


Not with actions, but you can use the export feature to export the information to a text file and then use the Taglist-File - Tag converter to import from the text file to the tags. I think Florian's suggestion is much better because it copies all tags and not only the one you took care of in the export configuration.