Copying Lyrics3 tags

With all the things MP3Tag supports, I would have thought it would allow the copying of Lyrics3 tags from ID3V1 to ID3V2 UNSYNCHEDLYRICS field, but I can't seem to find anything that does this.

I have a lot of stuff with the the Lyrics3 tags, and it's a real pain to transfer all the tags by hand.


You can use the quick tool to Format Value, set the source as the Lyric3 tag and destination to be UNSYNCHEDLYRICS.

AFAIK lyrics tags from the ID3V1 series are not supported by MP3tag. You see that they are there but you don't see the contents.

Would you be able to tell me where to find this tool?
I'd use MP3 Manager 32 to do it, but that one doesn't support mp4s.

In the menu bar, select Actions>Actions (Quick)>Format Value
You can select any existing tag as the source and use that to redefine another tag this way.

A problem could be that MP3tag does not show the contents of Lyrcis3 tags ...