Copying over artist information

Hi all, I'm new to using this programme, and although Ive looked for answers to my question, I can't seem to find anything to help me. Basically, I have a folder full of mp3s on my desktop and for some reason I am not able to apply changes to artist name, album, etc to some of them, so after the name of the song, there are just blank fields where there is no information. When I drag the files over into mp3tag, the missing information is gathered and shown in the programme. How can I save this information and copy it back over to my desktop folder so that it will show up in the (what are now) blank fields?

Which program shows the blank fields?
Do you want to modify the filename or the tags inside the files?

The folder that contains my music has the blank fields. I want to change the tags inside the files and not the filename

If you want the Windows Explorer to show the fields then I think that WE only displays V2.3 tags but no V2.4.
Could you open the Extended Tags Dialog (Alt-T) and have a look at the window title whether it says "V2.3"?

Hi, Ive tried opening the extended tabs dialogue but there isnt anything there about what version I have. I know that I downloaded version 2.52? and in the header titled 'tag' on the main screen, it reads: ID3V2.3 (ID3V1 ID3V2.3)??

Yes, that's what I asked you to look at - and it means there are not V2.4 tags (that refers to the different mp3-tag-versions but not the the program version of MP3tag ... ;-)).

I am little lost now: could you upload a screendump that shows a track loaded into MP3tag and at the same time what it looks like in the Windows Explorer?
(To get a screendump of the whole screen arrange the windows, then print the button "Print Screen", open PAINT, paste the contents of the clipboard (which is the screendump).
Then draw a selection round the relevant area and select Edit>Copy to ..)

Oh ok, lol. Sorry!
Attachment 1 is what it looks like in explorer

And this is what the tags look like in mp3tag

Thank you.
It looks as though some tracks do show something.
So: could you download a freeware called Mp3val
an let it loose on one of the files and see if mp3val reports any problems. If there are problems, make a backup of the file, and let mp3val repair the file.
Then check if the explorer shows the tags.

Thank you so much. Problem fixed! :slight_smile: