Copying tags from one directory tree to another directory tree

I have a music folder and another playlist folder for the songs I transfer to my phone. The files in the playlist folder are a copy of the files in the music folder. Sometimes I update the tags in my music folder and change them a lot. How can I automatically update the tags in my playlist folder to match those in the music folder? Is there a way I can copy paste tags from one directory tree to another directory tree if the file names match?

NOTE: The playlist tree does not perfectly match the music tree.

As long as the parent directory matches, most media players seem to be able to identify. The parent directory is the first one above the files that are pointed to in the playlist. This may not apply to every player, so you may have to try a sample to confirm with your preferred app.

You can c&p tag data directly if the order of the files matches.

You can export tag data incl. the filename to a file and then import the data from that text file into other files, using the filename as identifier.

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