Copying Tags from One File to Another

Everytime I think I have found a limit to what Mp3Tag can do, I find that I am wrong. Let's see if that happens again...

I am attempting to copy comment tags from one file to another. This would be easy for a few files, but I need to do it to over 400 different file pairs. Locating the source and target files in each pair required quite a bit of coding, but that part is complete. At this point I could easily build a list of source files and target files -- or if it's easier -- a list of target files and the comments to be written to each, but I am not sure how to perform the updates.

I guess that I could write a playlist of the target files and a text file of the comments and then use the "Text File - Tag" function, but I am uncomfortable that everything would stay in common order and therefore sync correctly. Is there another method that might work?

I'd also use Text File - Tag and make sure that the files are displayed in the correct order so that each comment is saved to the correct file.

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Thanks, I figured that was the case.

This leads me to a related question. Mp3Tag is awesome, but as a utility there are always going to be limits on what it can do. For heavy lifting (such as duplicate idenitifcation) I export my library (45K+ tunes) into MS Access and then run queries or scripts against the data. There are times when I really wish I could just go ahead and update the ID3v2 tags from Access (through ActiveX) or through other methods (command line would be fine too). I am not competent to write a C++ program to handle this and it appears the ID3Lib cannot be accessed through ActiveX (but I could be wrong about that). I looked at some ActiveX wrappers (ID3Edit in particular, which did not work -- told me that there was no ID3v2 present), but wanted some advice from anyone in this community about any successful experience they had writing one-off utilities to write ID3v2 tags. I will spend the change to purchase a wrapper or library if I can make it work.

Can anyone help me?