Copying Title tags from one album to another

I have several versions of some recordings (typically classical music) and I'd like the corresponding track title to be the same in each of them. For example, I'd like all my recordings of Bach's Goldberg Variations to have the same track title - they all have the same number of tracks.

I am comfortable using the Filename-to-tag and Tag-to-filename tools within the same album (or collection of tracks) but I can't figure out how to do it from one album (group of tracks) to another.

Also, I see that in Tag-to-filename that a number of interesting Functions are available but I have not found any documentation on the syntax of these. Can you point me somewhere?

I am fairly new to MP3Tag and am constantly impressed at the richness of the tools selection. I'm getting the feeling that pretty much everything is possible - if one just knows the syntax etc.

Thank you for your trouble.

With the context menu function "Copy Tag" and "Paste Tag" you can do just that: copy and paste complete tags from one files to others.
This works even for groups of files.

Oh wow, it works perfectly! And so easy!

Thank you so very much!

Ooops. It turns out I have overlooked something and made a huge mistake. In using the Tag cut and paste I didn't realize that it's copying ALL the tags from one collection of tracks to another whereas I just want the Title tags copied!!

I now have 4 different versions of Bach Goldberg Variations (each has 32 tracks) all with identical tags. I have a backup so not all is lost but how can I achieve what I am trying to do?

Thanks again for your help.

And much later:
I think I have figured out the solution: export the complete tags to a text file and then Convert from text file to Tags using a combination of %dummy% and %title% to capture the appropriate piece to replace the existing title.