Copyright not working on iphone

Hi! I have successfully changed the copyright on individual files on my songs on my computer, but when this data is transferred to my phone, it no longer appears. In addition, usually the copyright appears under the track list, and at first it does this, but then it goes away, even though the copyright is still in the metadata. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this? I have tried deleting the songs and redownloading the files and also replaying all the songs to see if it refreshes, and those have been unsuccessful thus far :confused: Thank you!

see e.g. this thread

Thank you! Mine already are m4a files though unfortunately and it’s still not working

I assume you are using iTunes for the transfer? You need to have iTunes refresh the tag data after any external changes, including mp3tag. There are a few scripts out there that can help, try Googling for one. Otherwise it transfers the files using it’s own data from the old tags.

Unfortunately, I have tried this as well. It is strange, because for I make a track explicit, it comes up. It is only with copyright that it doesn’t work. Thank you for trying!

I found another thread:

and the summary is: won't show up on the iphone.

I think that one was for strictly Mp3 files. All of my files were M4A, and in other threads people have had it show up. I’m just not sure what I’m doing wrong here. Thank you for going out of your way to find an answer for me, though.

as far as I read this post:

the problems are also there for m4a files.

Ugh :confused: That sucks. Thank you for helping me out! :grinning: