Correct aspect on Cover Art on a case by case basis possible?

Is it possible to only correct the ratio on some of my albums and not on others, where on some the correct aspect ratio is clicked and others it is not? It seems odd that this is a global setting, but the way I am experiencing it, it seems it is. Whenever I change the check mark it changes all the artwork on all the albums.

If aspect correction cannot be set on a case-by-case basis, I assume I can change the checkmark and then save on each album and accomplish it that way. That way I just save the tags with the correct setting on each album and as long as I do not re-save the files after the Aspect Ratio box is changed, the aspect ratio set when the files were saved would remain untouched. Is this so?

I know there are ways to get around, such as importing the art with the proper proportions to begin with, but it is much easier to do it with MP3Tag. The problem I have, is that I do a bunch of batch editing and am constantly resaving, so I guess I would have to do the album art proportion ala cart at the end so that my batch saving will not change the cover art to an undesired aspect .

Lastly, just to confirm, the CD art proportion is square, correct?

I'm not sure what do you want to achieve exactly.

The option "Correct aspect ratio"
only displays the picture in the cover art window with the given height and width or scale it to the size of the cover art window. It does not change any dimensions as far as I understand it from:


The most used Front Cover Art size from a real CD is square with 120 x 120 mm.
But there are many different Optical disc packaging out there.

Covers from a Digipak does NOT have to be square.

It should be squared as default (11.8x11.8 cm for booklet exactly, 12x12 cm package) for plastic jewel.
But not for CD singles plastic jewel, which doesn't squared as default (13.5x11.8 cm for booklet).

You must accept also, that editors or designers have free will to develope package, so we have tones of editions, which are not as default.

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I just experimented saving with or without the aspect box checked and it does not seem to change anything as far as what is saved. It just changes how it is displayed in MP3Tag. This was also the case in Foobar. If I check the correct aspect ratio, it just changes what is displayed, IF it did not have the correct aspect ratio when saved. If the file had the correct aspect ratio, then there was no change, as would be expected.

So I think I was off-base, and MP3Tag just saves the image you store, as is, and then just changes the way it is displayed in the program, for user preference.

Therefore, I guess the wise strategy is to make whatever changes you want before saving the images and save it with the correct aspect ratio. That way you will not be affected by the check box.