Correct File Tagging/Naming?

I've recently decided to get all my Music in order after finishing off all my other Media.

I have a query as to the most widely used and accepted way to Tag/Name for compatibility and transparency whilst providing a clutter free look.

I'm starting on some albums and this is an example of how I'm doing it.

As you can see, the ID3 contains Track #, Genre, Album... so on. Do most programs recognize this? Meaning I don't need anything but the actual Track Title in the actual Filename?

Also my other query is.. I can't setup FLAC this same way as MP3. This is a SC of a FLAC Album.

Despite trying to add it with MP3tag and other programs I can't seem to work it out.


mfauser, welcome to the Mp3tag forum.

Hmm, at the first glance your screenshots have nothing to do with Mp3tag.

What are the most programs?
I would say ... as long as the applications follow the ID3v1 resp. ID3v2 standard resp. other common applicable conventions, then there would be the most interoperability between them.

Note, filenames are just hollow words!
In general, filenames are used to save files into the file system and to find them, perhaps to display them sorted.
The maximum length of a filename resp. the length of the entire filepath is restricted by the current filesystem, also restricted is the set of characters.
The important data should be stuffed into the inner part of the file, what is basically the music and additionally data like title, album, artist and so on.
Therefore music files needs to be 'tagged' to carry as much information as possible.

See the Mp3tag help manual what tag-types and tag-fields are supported by Mp3tag ...


Appreciated :laughing:

Well, perhaps what I'm looking for is the 'Universally Correct' file naming. I just finished a Video library of over 5000 TV Shows/Films and for compatibility with various Devices, Metadata Programs (Recognition with major sites IMDB/TVDB), Library Front Ends ... and so on. All the files were named a certain way:

So basically if Amazon and other Databases or Producers themselves have a certain way they name files for any given reason I'd prefer to do it as they do.

If this means:

01 - Example Artist - Example Song Title

01 - Example Song Title

Example Song Title


Fixed the FLAC issue I was complaining about. Now Windows Explorer recognizes FLAC properties as it does MP3.

Windows 7 FLAC Property Handler for 32 and 64 bit