Correct ID3 Tagging

Hey, everyone! I signed up here in hopes to get help with something I had a question for! I have been buying soundtracks for a long time. We're talking movie soundtracks, video games soundtracks, TV show soundtracks, and I now have started to take tagging the right info in my MP3s and FLAC files kind of seriously. I have always loved to have the correct info in my MP3s. Having the right name under artists, composer, etc. One big problem I have always faces was where to put the names of the arrangers, the guest artists, lyric writer etc. Usually this is how I tag my stuff.

Artist: Song composer, arranger, guest artist (For soundtracks only)

Title: Song name, Featuring artist

Album: Soundtrack or album name, (Disc 1, 2, 3, etc.)

Composer: Composer, lyric writer

Year: Year of album release

Lyrics: I usually leave this blank lol, I don't want to go on google and copy and paste lyrics for every song.

How do you guys tag your music files? I have recently become extremely anal about how I tag things. So anal in fact that, I have gone back to edit albums that I ripped years ago, haha, and I know there are people like me who are picky about things like this and somewhat a perfectionist. So, help me out guys! I'm currently ripping the 8 disc set of Final Fantasy 7 Remake OST, and I am editing my other FFVII soundtracks like the Crisis Core, Advent Children, and original FFVII OSTs.

The help shows a list of fields that are supported my MP3tag:
Perhaps you find something there for your purpose.