Correct Russian ID3 in MP3Tag Actions Menu

How to correct the unreadable Russian ID3 tags? Have you ever seen unreadable Russian Abracadabra, which the Russians don't care at all about? For example: Áåñàìý ìó÷î (íà ôðàíöóçñêîì ÿçûêå), did you understand what it is written?
★ Thus, how to correct the unreadable distorted Russian letters and to read what the Russians hide there in the tags?
► Here is the Global Solution: Copy the Correct Russian ID3.mta file into
C:\Users\ %UserName%\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\actions.
And you will see "Correct Russian ID3" in the MP3Tag > Actions menu item, click on it and all the Russian distorted letters will be momentally converted into the Readable Russian letters.
Correct Russian ID3.mta (3.2 KB)

There are also forties of the popular iconv utility that work with ID3 tags, e.g. mid3iconv or id3iconv. They support a lot of legacy encodings.

Thanks for reminding it. However, as I remember, I had tried one of such primitive converters, but it ruined the Unicode and UTF-8 tags of a mp3 file, and I had to recover the correct tags of it.