Correct some spaces


I need correct space characters for my mp3 tags, could you know what actions i must create for correct files like so?


Example(for this site) BAD
Example (for this site) GOOD


Example ( for this site) BAD
Example (for this site) GOOD

Thank you very much.
Sorry for my bad english.


You only need an action group that consists of a couple of "replace" actions.

Every "replace" of the following actions is one single action in an action group. You create an action group just like action. But after you have defined the first action you press the "New" button again and thus, add the next action which all then are part of the action group. All actions in that group are executed in the sequence as tehy are stored in the group.

(the underscore will act to illustrate the blank)
replace "(" with "("
replace "__(" with "
replace ")" with ")"
replace ")__" with ")

After you have finished, the action group should contain 4 actions of the type replace.


Thank you.
That's all I need. :laughing:

I did it like this