Corrupt Artwork Display

If I open one MP3 file with no embedded artwork, the Tag Panel displays the content of any unassociated images contained within the MP3 file folder.
I discovered this when attempting to add artwork to my music files from the same folder and thought they all had the same image embedded even though extended tags showed no artwork had been added.
I decided to try and remove the image myself by copying the file to a new folder to work on it, when I discovered a completely unrelated jpg (a text image) was displayed as artwork: a eureka moment!
I downloaded and updated from version 2.96 to 2.98 (if it ain't broke I don't normally fix it!) and it is still present.
While this bug is being removed, can someone point me to the last working version download (possibly prior to 2.96) so I can edit my artwork using MP3Tag as it's supposed to work.

Or you could simply set the option in
Tools>Options>Tags>Don't show picture from folder

That's done it. Don't know why the previous setting has changed when updating though.

So the display of artwork was not corrupt but as accurate as the settings determined.

But why have an MP3 editor display non MP3 Artwork in the first place?
Why show the image as an embedded artwork in extended tags when it is clearly not embedded?
Why change the settings when updating?

Like that you can see that it is easy to find pictures as they are already there.

The picture is not shown as embedded as you see a filename beneath the picture if it is taken from the folder. This is the same way as it is shown in the tag panel.

Well, who is to look over your shoulder while you install MP3tag? You could have switched from a standard to a portable installation so that the old settings are not kept.
You could have switched the user-id between installations.
Things like that.