Corrupt Tags on MP3 player


I feel sure this must be covered somewhere but I can't think how to search for it, so sorry if it has.

I have noticed my cheap MP3 players show tags in a corrupted way when I have edited the MP3 in MP3TAG 2.41. I went back to 2.39 and it still had the problem. Then I found an old copy of 2.32 and I notice it does not even read the tags created by 2.41. When 2.32 creates tags everything is fantastic.

Reading the FAQ I wondered with the tags in 2.32 were in ID3v1 so I tried write out in that in 2.41 but I still get things like "ybc ypi ypc" in the tags on my Mp3. It could be I have not worked out what to change here very well.

I have downloaded the latest development version 2.41c and things still work the same. Can anyone enlighten me as to the problem and how to avoid it please?

Please have a look at this sticky post: Problems with ID3v2 tags in Unicode format?