Corsican update for version 3.14

Hi Florian,

Please find attached a compressed file containing an update of the two Corsican .LNG and .NSH files. The language file was checked using latest version 3.14.

Corsican (11.8 KB)

I also noticed some new strings in .LNG file. It would be nice if you could create (and maintain) the specific topic you were talking about in a previous post. Here is a copy of your proposal:

Regarding your question of a central place to get notified on new language strings, I was thinking about a topic in #development:translations where I could post a reply whenever there is an update. If you then subscribe to the topic, you would get notified.

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Thank you for the update! I'll include it with the next release.

Thanks for the reminder. I've started this topic here:

@Florian Great!

Here is the translation of the three strings added for 3.14b:

_C_MNU_FS_MANAGE Urganizà a cronolugia…
_M_STR_MANAGEHISTORY Urganizà a cronolugia

Do you want me to provide you with a new Corsican.lng file?

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Yes, it's always most easiest (probably even for both of us) to get the latest *.lng file with the translated strings.

OK, here is the latest update which contains the three strings added for 3.14b:

Corsican (10.4 KB)

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Excellent — many thanks for the update!