Could be added the copy fild in the action?

I have lots of albums without album artist field
I would love to copy from Artist field to Album Artist
there is the command replace , but does it copy ?
most of my music is in mp3 or AAC

See the FAQs:

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it works
but just to make it more easy a copy command could be usefull for the novice

I doubt that there are really a lot of fields with contents that has to be copied 1:1 to other fields.
The ARTIST/ALBUMARTIST may be the odd one out - but even there it does not always fit.
And so the Format value action is much more flexible.


a glance at the documentation and Howtos is always advisable.
Esp. as the search terms "copy field" would have led you to the HowTos straightaway.

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Easier than using a single action of Format Values and defining the source and destination?

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first i want to thank you all
sometime i use Foobar200 with Masstagger , it let me copy field very easly
thanks again

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