Could MP3tag properly correct CUE sheets?

I believe my CUE sheet is all incorrect and a mess. I tried editing it manually by opening it up in notepad, and I still run into errors when I open the CUE sheet in Foobar, and CUETools. I'm not even sure how a proper CUE sheet would look and which way it would work without errors. Anyway, would MP3tag be able to correct my CUE sheet so these tools I'm using won't report anymore errors?

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AFAIK can Mp3tag only read a cuesheet. Mp3tag can create playlists.

If you need more information on cuesheets, you may turn to wikipedia
and see where your cuesheets differ.

Thank you! I understand that Mp3tag will not be able to do with what I'm requesting with cue sheets. Thank you for your help and your reply!

I would rip a new CD with cuetools and create a cue sheet at that time. Then I'd look at the new cuesheet to see exactly what format/content the correct cuesheet has and then edit my existing cuesheet accordingly. cuesheets are just text files, so you should be able to fix things if you know the correct format/content.

Thank you!

Download CUE sheet Corrector!
(English + Russian)
Or this