Count * in comment field to put in rating field

I would like to ‘format/fill in’ the (winamp?) rating field based on information stored in my comment field.

All my comment fields now list different ratings in this format (4 examples):

***&v or *****t or **r or *&c

The number of stars (max 5) represent the star-rating I would like to put in the Winamp rating field. So a ***t would get a 3 star rating.

So basically the ‘format field’ action should count the number of * and fill in the corresponding number in the rating field.

My question: What ‘format string’ do I use for the ‘rating Winamp’ field? I checked the scripting page and used the search function but there is nothing related to counting.

This does the trick:


Except for .flac files..... any tip?