Count Occurrences of string

I'd like to count the number of times a specific string is present withing a field.

My goal is to give my songs an Explicit Score by counting the number of choice words present within the lyrics.

I currently have an explicit rating that checks if the lyrics have a number of "choice words" or those same choice words with ** to "censor" the word. For me this indicates a clean version or radio edit of a song.

Id like to be able to count the number of occurrences so that I can see how "problematic" a song may be to play publicly but im not sure where to start

This is an expression that tells you the folderdepth in a path:
So, if you replace the chosen word with a symbol and then check the length of the remaining string, the length of the string equals the number of occurrances.

Genius, thank you. I will try this 1st thing in the morning

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