Count total number of albums

Is there a simple way to use MP3tag to count the total number of albums in my tagged music collection? I have several hundred albums, all in one big directory. I need to count the total number of albums seen by MP3tag so I can compare that total with the total seen by my network music player via the music server in my NAS drive.

please try this I hope it helps

,,%_counter% - %album%)

That worked perfectly. Thank you very much.

Wie muss der Code aussehen für *.csv???

  • Nummerierung;Album in getrennten Spalten???
    verwenden von "|" oder "$char(9)"
    bitte um hilfestellung

Use an export script.

$filename($getEnv('USERPROFILE')'\Desktop\AlbumCount.txt') 'Album list' '----------' $loop(%ALBUM%,1)%_counter%' - '%ALBUM%$char(13)$char(10)$loopend() 'All = '%_max_counter% '----------' $loop(%ALBUM%,1)$loopend()'Albums = '%_max_counter% '----------'

DD.20131210.1435.CET, DD.20140914.1643.CEST

This export script relies on each track number 1 to exist, and counts albums with the same name individually.

1: $filename($getEnv('USERPROFILE')'\Desktop\AlbumCount.txt')

2: 'Album list'
3: '----------'
4: $loop($num($regexp(%TRACK%,'^A',),1))$if($eql(1,$num($regexp(%TRACK%,'^A',),1)),
5: $loop(%ALBUM%)%_counter%' - '%ALBUM%$char(13)$char(10)$loopend()
6: 'All = '%_max_counter%
7: ,)$loopend()
8: '----------'


Here is a solution, which measures only the amount of albums having a track 1.
Load all related files into Mp3tag listview and apply the following Filter expression, then check the Mp3tag status line information how many files, i. e. how many albums, have been found.


This filter string detects also tracks of format "A1" ...

ALBUM PRESENT AND "$num($regexp(%TRACK%,'^A',),1)" IS 1

DD.20131223.1752.CET, DD.20140914.1730.CEST

i think the counting does not work if there are albums available from different artists but with the same name.

can anyone confirm?

i have several home-made albums called "various" and those only exist once per list, not once per artist.

i tried adding the artist also between the counter and the album name.
only the album is ouput with the alphabetically first artist

another question:
is there a way to generate the counter with leading zeros?

Anything that is the same is treated the same way.
So if you have "Greatest Hits" by a lot of artists, you would have to append the ALBUM title to show the difference ... or add another loop in the export script that sorts the ARTIST.
The function $num() (see allows you to pad numbers.

See above post #5, I made some modifications.

Use function $num(number,width).
The parameter "width" means the total string length of the left side zero padded number.