counting variable

First of all, thank you very much for this great program and this dicussion board.
I really do appreciate the amount of work put in here.

I started to code mtes and my own html page two weeks ago. I started with no knowledge about mte or html and have come a long way since. :wink:

But now I'm stuck.
I would like to generate a html via a mte so that all the album covers are shown in a table, which is 5 columns wide. Therefore I put a counter ("zaehler") into the script, to break the table line () as soon as it reaches 5 [line A]. That is working so far. But after that, the counter should be set to 0 [line B], so it can start counting again beginning in the next loop. But as soon as i include line B into the code, the counter ("zaehler") never advances above 1. It just stays there.

Could anybody give me some advice, please?

Two things:
Maybe a closing round bracket is too much.
$if($eql($get(zaehler),5),,) [line A)]

$put() and $puts() cannot be used as an argument within Mp3tag functions.
You have to recode the line, e. g.


The part between the [] isn't in the code. The ")" was a mistype. :wink:

$puts(zaehler,$if($eql($get(zaehler),5),0,$get(zaehler))) :wink:
Thank you very much! That did the job!