Couple General Q's about tagging

I'm wondering if there are any reasons why one shouldn't save tags in both ID3v1 and ID3v2 format...does this cause any problems with anything?

And the other thing I'm wondering is if it's possible to list more than one genre in the tag and if so, how to do it.

Thanks for your help!

  1. This shouldn't cause problems as long as you write to both. If you change your mind at some point, please make sure that you delete the obsolete tag to prevent issues from inconsistent tags.

  2. Mp3tag uses \\ to separate multiple fields. Multiple fields are only saved to ID3v2 and are not supported by some other programs (i.e., the additional fields are not visible there).

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I often see the question about multi genre's per file in here and was wondering why you don't type in your own with or without dividers?

Indie / Rock
Electronica Punk
or even
Jazz - Funk - House

If this is an ok idea then you can open up the music directory as a whole that ALL you albums are in and sort the list in either album or artist view then highlight one, a few or many at a time and edit the genre tag in the box on the left hand side [REMEMBER TO CTRL+S or click SAVE before clicking anything else once you have finished editing any fields in the left hand box]

I also believe you can add you own personalised fields but I would guess they only show in id3v2 and not in id3v1 plus also that would leave all files with only one genre with an empty field box [not a problem but would knock them out your search when sorting files in %Second_Genre%]

Please let me know if I am wrong as all this is fairly new to me.

Thank you both for your replies. I'll give that a whirl, using the \\ for entering multiple genres. What I'm hoping for is that say for instance I have some albums tagged as Rock\\Tributes, that I can search for either genre if I search for Tributes, the album will show up, as well as if I search for Rock, it will show up on that search as well. I guess that will probably depend on the software I'm using to do the filtering or searching however. But I'll give it a go and see if it works.
Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

Both approaches would work fine in Mp3tag where you can use something like genre HAS Rock in the new filter introduced with the current Development Build.