Couple of Questions

Hello all,
I'm really digging mp3tag, but theres a couple of things I've thus far been successful in doing. I was hoping you might be able to shed some light :slight_smile:

1.) Delete old *.m3u playlists - I'm generating new ones, and dont want to manually delete the old.

2.) Replace artist name with Wildcard - Oddly enough i've been unable to wipe the artist field out, and replace with a new entry, it doesnt accept blank, or a *

3.) if theres multiple Aritists listed (bad tags/filenames) how can i pull say the the Artist out (with Guess, i'd assume) and replace for the rest of the selected files.

[b]4.) Remove "(foo)" some of my CDs have () with junk between. I want all of it gone :slight_smile: I tried using regex and was unable to get it to work in MP3tag, worked in other tests.

If you have an answer to any of these, that would be awesome :slight_smile: Thanks!!

a) by overwriting it with the new m3u. but that will be complicated if your old m3u don't have the same namesceme.
B) go to: Tools > Options > Tags. In the field "Restrict incoming files to:" add *.m3u . When you now load a directory into Mp3tag, m3u files are also listed. You can't edit them, but you can delete them by pressing CTRL + DEL

In Mp3tag's regular expressions:
. is the wildcard

  • and + are repeats
    so .* is nothing or anything repeated any number of times
    here is more help:
    If you want to replace e.g.:
    Rolling Stones
    Rolling Stones, The
    the rolling stones
    The Rolling Stones

do the following:
Action: Format Value
Formatstring: $regexp($lower(%artist%),.rolling stones.,The Rolling Stones)

if you have something like
R. E. M.
and you want all to

do the following:
Action: Format Value
Formatstring: $regexp(%artist%,(R.E.M.|R E M|REM|R. E. M.),REM)

you can also combine this with wildcards as above.

Select them all, select the right artist name from the drop-down menu in the tag panel (on the left side under Artist:) or type the name manually and save (press CTRL + S)

Action: Replace with regular expression:
Field: _ALL
(or _FILENAME or _TAG or TITEL or whatever you need)
Regular expression: '('.*')'
(put a space in the front to avoid a double space afterwards)
Replace matches with:

Thank you mate :slight_smile: