Cover Art Basics

Just wondering exactly how the cover art is handled.

When using an online tag source (MusicBrainz and/or Discogs), does Mp3Tag just link the album/songs to the online image, or is the image downloaded and stored somewhere locally (eg. in AppData)?

How is it handled if I drag & drop an image from my computer? Must the image folder and path always remain the same?

Besten Dank!

You can set where and how the image is stored with the functions of the "Utils" button at the bottom left of the results dialogue.

The image is then usually embedded in the file - if you do that in the tag panel, you still have to save the modification with ctrl-s.

Usually, an image that is saved in the file system is either saved in the folder of the current audio file or, if you have set a partially or fully qualified file name in Tools>Options>Tag sources for the image, then you find the image there.

Thanks for the quick reply. I am obviously new to this, but your answer helped me greatly.