Cover Art Batch Process Actions

I have approx. 700-800 albums that I have collected over the years and are now held in *.m4a format within my iTunes Library.

I have been using MP3TAG Actions and MP3TAG Actions (Quick) to format the many iTunes text tag fields and I have most if not all my albums sorted, that is all except for their Album Art.

Whilst all my files contain album art some are different resolutions/sizes and formats. They vary from 100x100 to 1024x1024 and from *jpg to *.png etc etc.

I want to standardise the resolution of all the cover art to be 600x600 pixels or higher so that the covers display better on my Apple TV.

Here is what I have done or doing so far...

I have used Actions to export the cover art of each track to a 'single instance' of a file per album called folder.* (i.e.folder.jpg or folder.png etc) .. so have now have one image file per album (or at least should have this in place in the near future when the batch action is completed)

I would like next to be able to identify which album art images are less than 600x600 pixels - I cannot find a way of doing this in MP3TAG as I cannot find a customised tag that displays this information. I can only find a tag that show the size of the image which is not really relevant.

Having identified each of the 'albums' with a low image resolution (i.e. less than 600x600) I then use the MP3TAG Actions once again, to now import a manually replaced folder.jpg/folder.png Album Art image file of a much higher resolution which I will probably find via google images or via one of my many tag source profile searches. As the MP3TAG Action imports the new album art it deletes the existing low resolution image and sets the new higher resolution image file in place for each track.

Sounds good so far but I need some help...
I have managed to resolve both STAGE 1 and STAGE 3 by myself using the built in Actions of MP3TAG, but I am struggling to find a way of performing STAGE 2 of the process.

I was just wondering if there is a way to do this, or perhaps a better way to achieve my aim of getting higher resolution cover art images inserted into my many albums.

Thanks for considering this. Any replies/help are greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards...

Ken Griffiths

I suggest you try a different tool for this task:

It has a File browser which will list all your folders and display the cover dimension of the covers so you can see which cover needs updating.
It's also the best tool to search for covers.


Thanks very much. I have downloaded and played with the sourceforge album-art tool. Once I figured out the browser side of it and the three open windows etc; I have found that it does exactly what I need and better still, finds the album art for me and displays the sizes etc...

It is brilliant for what I was trying to do and coupled with my STAGE 3 MP3TAG Action stage will sort my problem with my Album Covers.

Thanks again... Its great to have access to such good advice and it will undoubtedly save me sheds loads of time.


Ken Griffiths

I was wondering if someone could help me with a way to do the following.

I have a folder full of mp3 files.

Many of these mp3 files have multiple cover art pictures embedded.

I want to create an action that will bulk/batch process all the mp3s and do the following.

Keep only the 1st embedded cover art / picture and remove the other cover art / pictures in each mp3.

Is it possible to do this with the export/import actions ?

You can create an Export cover to file action with %_filename% as format string for the file name.
The first cover will have the same name as the audio file, the next covers will have (1), (2) ... appended.

Then you can use the Import cover from file action with the string %_filename%.jpg
Check [x] delete existing cover art to remove all covers during the process
and you will only have the first cover in your tags.

That works great, exactly what I was after, thank you!


Export cover to file
Format string = %_filename%

Import cover from file
Format string = %_filename%.jpg

Delete existing cover art - tick

You are amazing! Thank you for this!