Cover art does not appear in MP3TAG's Tag Panel

I'm ripping FLAC files from CD's using Windows Media Player. The album cover images (jpg) are being automatically created/sourced & are placed in the appropriate Artist sub-folder within the Music folder within Windows 10.
The images appear in Windows Media Player, File Explorer etc..., but do not appear in the MP3TAG image panel for info or deletion.
I will be mass deleting all of the cover art jpg files using File Explorer regardless, but I'm curious as to why no image files appear in the image box in MP3TAG.
I intend to transfer the FLAC files to USB in order to play them on my home audio equipment. The cover images can apparently be problematic for the equipment that I will be using.
I've read a number of threads that discuss the deletion of cover images (specifically those contained within the metadata of the song files). In all of those discussions, the cover art appears in the image box within MP3TAG which can then be removed from the metadata of each song.

  1. Is MP3TAG only supposed to show an image that is contained within the metadata or should it show the jpg image that is created during the ripping process as well ?
  2. If the answer to the above is yes to metadata images but no to jpg images, does the absence of any image suggest that there is no image information contained within the metadata ?
    I have reviewed the various tag settings & display settings related to cover art. Everything seems correct. Thanks in advance for your assistance. I hope that my screen capture image below is visible to you. It only appears as text on my screen.

See the setting in Tools>Option>Tags "Don't show files in the file system as cover".

MP3tag will, BTW, only help to delete embedded covers but not picture files in the folders.
(Unless you have added the extension for pictures to the included files - but this would lead to show the files in the file list where you can delete them).

Are you sure the existence of any cover images causes issues with your player? Or is it more about the size and/or type of file image? And sureLy the existence of a separate cover file shouldn’t have any effect on this. I’d just caution you to double check this prior to deleting any cover images for good. At some point in the future you may regret that if you have to go back to find them all again.

In this case you can just do a search in your main music folder, including sub folders, and looking for all images. Then select all, delete, and you are done. This gets rid off all of the separate cover images.

Then in mp3tag you can filter for %_covers% PRESENT to find out if there are any files with embedded images. If any appear in the list, you can select all there, and right click on the cover area in the tag panel and remove cover.

The FLAC support in WIndows is not quite up to standards AFAIK.
So, I would not make problems in the display in WMP and WE the test bench but use MP3tag and its handling of FLAC files as reference.
And any embedded covers are superior to pictures in the file system - as that connection could easily be lost.

You solved the issue I was experiencing. I have to admit that I did not look there. I looked under the Tag Panel setting & 'Display Cover Art' was checked. I didn't dig any deeper as I thought that would cover all instances. Thanks very much for your help.

Thanks for your response MotleyG. Everything I've read about the use of the USB based files in my recently purchased Marantz CD6007 CD player suggest that it is finicky. Only a 32 GB Max Flash Drive FAT32 format with a single partition will work. It is also limited to 8 folder levels, 256 folders, 65025 files. It specifically says that it may have issues with larger image files (even though it doesn't actually have a display that shows the image). Since I don't care whether the images are displayed on my computer at work or in my car, I figured I'd get rid of them altogether & avoid the possible issues with the CD player. I will globally search for the jpg image files in File Explorer & drag them to another purpose made folder (just in case I change my mind down the road & want to reinstate them). Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.

Good plan keeping those cover files, just in case.

Does that receiver support network audio? Maybe it would be better suited for this if you keep the files on your computer and add a player with streaming support?

Not so much if you want them on a drive for portability, us at work or in the car. But a home AVR should be able to do this.

My single disc cd player has a really decent DAC & a USB port (no AVR abilities that i'm aware of). By using the USB port I can play my entire cd collection on random (or programmed playback) instead of one cd at a time.
In addition to the previously mentioned cd player limitations, the cd player's specs indicate that image files greater than 2 Mb and/or 500 X 500 resolution may negatively impact playback. The external jpg cover art doesn't come close to 2 Mb. The resolution varies by cd, but i don't feel like resizing the larger images for a cd player that can't even display them anyway.
As for the embedded cover art within the metadata, i have no idea yet if it exists (probably does for at least some cd's), what size and/or resolution those images might be or whether the emedded cover art files are just the front image or multiple views of the cover (front, back, liner notes). I can't envision a playback environment in which i'll require (or miss) the cover art, so i'll probably just move the external jpg's as discussed & delete the embedded image files using MP3TAG.
Do you know if the hidden .ini file in each folder gets copied to the flash drive during the copy command ? If it does, i assume that i should just allow it to copy just in case i play the flash drive on some other Windows OS computer.
I guess that the only downside to my removal of images would be if i can't play the file on some device without the embedded or external cover art images.
Thanks again for your questions & comments. I'm new to MP3TAG & learning more with every thread & conversation.

Not if you are using the copy function from within mp3tag. But these should be ignored by any player.

Sorry I missed this was a CD player. AVR=AV Receiver that I was thinking, without checking the model number.

I have never seen a player that didn’t work because a file didn’t have a cover art embedded. So you should be good here.

Thanks again for your responses. I think that i can say that i've had all of my questions answered & more.

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