Cover Art doesn't show up

Hi there,

so what I did was downloading somthing declared as free music on youtube with the Programm MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter. Just copying the stuff right away on my mp3 player and the cover shows up immediatly. Now what I did with mp3tag is for instant open a file and just changed the title. That's it. Now I saved it and put it back on the player. From there on the cover isn't showing up anymore. Can anyone help me out here?

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Is the cover an embedded one?
Could you show us a screenshot of such a single file's extended tags dialogue (Alt-T)?

Also, check to make sure the file format is correct as well. These types of YT converters have a history of issues documented here in other threads.

So here is a file wthich does show a cover on player

and here's a file wthich doesn't show a cover on player

Both have the ending .mp3 and play properly.

Check the files for consistency or supply one here on the forum for others to have a look.
also, it could be that the embedded picture is in the progressive mode and not the "normal" one. SOme players cannot cope with progressive pictures.

Yes Of course.
Here's a song that has been edited with mp3 tag and one that is just download and not edited. Of course thy are both freesoongs.


Thanks for the file.
I checked it with MP3diags and nothing suspicious shows up, Foobar2000 shows 2 different covers - so I would check if the player has some kind of cache or picture folder or database that needs updating.
Also, there are very few tag fields actually with data - so it could be that the player groups files together as "those without data in a field" and you see the picture of an arbitrary first file.

Ok. Thx for that. I will try a few things maybe I can figure it out.