Cover art failing to update


Today I have encountered a new problem. I've been going right throgh my music collection adding cover art and updating the tag info. Now, for no apparant reason, it will not insert the cover art, just update the tags. This happens on all the albums I've tried since this problem started. I had been doing several albums and this happened all of a suddon.

Here are some details:

All the mp3s in the folder are selected.
The cover art displays in the tag update window.
When using the cover art only sources it will only say, "Updated 0 of 0 files".
No network settings were changed.
I tried rebooting.
There are no special characters in the tags.
Happens on

Side note: I tried to find some of these albums on Discogs, but the list is huge, with many repeats, and is not in any apparent order. Would you consider sorting this list alphabetically in the next release?

Thanks for a really great program, it does a really great job!!

Kind regards,

Please do right click on the cover to see if you have enabled the option to save covers in the tag.

Thanks, Dano. I don't know how I shut that off. Oops.

WT :music: