Cover Art for WAV files not showing for 1 disc, all others OK


I have quite a few WAV files that I play on my Oppo UDP-203 using DLNA from network hard drives. The player displays the cover art without issue for all of them except the last set of 13 tracks I just added and edited. Coincidentally (or not?) this happened to be just after I upgraded to MP3Tag v3.19 from 3.18.

I've tried my usual trick of deleting the art and re-adding it back where I've had issues crop up in the past, but it's not working. All of my other WAV files are ID3v2.3 including the 13 new ones. The front cover art attached to the 13 new WAV tracks is jpeg 640x640 193 KB. I created a custom column for the cover art and it shows it's there in all 13 cases.

What am I missing or is this perhaps an issue with the latest version of MP3Tag? Thanks!

You could test this and treat one of the already working files with MP3tag.
What kind of jpeg is that? a normal one or one with progressive encoding?

I figured it out!

The Oppo is looking for a file called folder.jpg for the cover art for WAV. It seems it doesn't matter what is embedded in the tag, it just looks for this file and renders the cover.

Ugh. Sorry to jump to the conclusion thinking it was an MP3Tag issue...

Thanks for the ideas that led me to the solution...

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