Cover Art from Discogs doesn't show in Pioneer car stereo

My car stereo is a newer model Pioneer AVH-501EX.
It requires 600x600 pixel music file art work.
When I use Mp3tag > Tag Sources > Cover Art > Discogs to get Art Work, it does not show up on my car radio.

When I extract the same image using Mp3tag, re-save the same image without making any resolution changes or any changes to it - other than re-saving it as a JPG file and then manually Add cover... using Mp3tag... then everything is fine.

This leads me to conclude that something about applying the Art work directly from Mp3tag > Tag Sources > Cover Art > is a problem. Applying it manually through Mp3tag > Add cover... is not a problem.
If anyone else ever mentions this, maybe keep my report in mind.

Before you rate the behaviour that you found as bug, it would be nice that you do all the basic checks of the files like
file integrity,
check the player requirements,
check how other players show the same file,
check which tag versions were in the files prior to using the web sources and afterwards
check whether this happens to all pictures that you embed or just one release - such things.

I doubt that MP3tag embeds picture in different ways.

I have made progress in isolating the bug. Attached are two files: Bad.jpg and Good.jpg.
Bad.jpg was extracted using Mp3tag directly from a music file which was assigned Bad.jpg directly through Tag Sources > Cover Art >

Good.jpg was created by opening Bad.jpg and simply re-saving it making no changes and then it was assigned using Mp3tag > Add cover...

I have replicated this problem with all Cover Art assigned directly vs. manually in my collection. I spent two days doing this and isolated the bug to the process outlined above. I can clarify further if necessary. (265.1 KB)

The "bad" picture has been saved as "progressive" picture with several cycles to get its final sharpness.
The "good" picture has the property "baseline" so it is displayed in one go.

I wonder how you opened and resaved it - with a graphics editor? Then it could be that the editor had the setting to save the file as baseline file.
Apparently, the player can only cope with baseline files.

See also here:

or even here:

(the supplied files had both RGB, no CMYK)

I am glad that there is a verified explanation.
I re-saved using a standard WIndows freeware graphic app called XnView but I might as well used any simple picture viewer... I hope this information is useful to Florian and developers. Thank you.

You got the progressive picture from the web source. The contents of web sources is not under the influence of MP3tag.
If you look at the second thread, then you will see in post

that the developer himself knows about progressive picture files and advises to convert the pictures to baseline files.

In real life this unfortunately means that we cannot use Mp3tag > Tag Sources > Cover Art > at all.

Because then it would be like with what I did, spent two days using this great feature, only to find out the hard way that much of the artwork does not work, has to be extracted, re-saved, inserted back.

It's much easier to just do it ALL manually through Mp3tag > Add cover...
In other words, it does not save time, it wastes time using Mp3tag > Tag Sources > Cover Art.

The only way people are going to find this (in real life) is the hard way. :frowning:
Thank you for making this great program. Still best of its kind.

Could you explain where you see the short-coming of MP3tag?
MP3tag gets data from external sources - the format and quality of which cannot be influenced by MP3tag. It is the user's choice.
That data then apparently cannot be handled by the user's choice of player - nothing that MP3tag can influence.

Where MP3tag helps you: you can export the embedded pictures, process in such a way that you think is best for your environment and then MP3tag helps you to re-embed the processed pictures, in many cases without the need to do it one by one but in just one go for all.

I understand that you experienced some frustration with your player ... but this still has nothing to do with MP3tag.

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Yes, Mp3tag is the best program of its kind, nothing else comes close.
This is just user feedback - nothing else:

Mp3tag > Tag Sources > Cover Art >
downloads "progressive" .jpgs which cannot be used with modern car stereos which can only display regular "baseline" .jpgs.

There is only one way to know this. The hard way: After you've downloaded your entire collection's worth of useless (for car radios) .jpgs.

So the three options are:

  1. Do nothing - users will keep finding out about this the hard way.

  2. Display a warning that this feature does not work for car radios. Some users will read and not waste a few days worth of downloading useless [for car radios] .jpgs.

  3. [Probably unrealistic] Integrate some sort of a freeware open source converter that would convert downloaded .jpgs to regular "baseline" .jpgs which are ONLY THEN attached to your music files.

I do not see a fourth option.

I would like to point out (again) that on the picture on the discogs page

is already in the progressive format.
MP3tag does not change that.
So even though the transformation process of picture files from progressive to baseline is an extra step, the source for this extra effort lies in the player that apparently cannot cope with a perfectly valid picture format.

So between the two examples: Bad.jpg is what is downloaded, progressive.
Good.jpg is what works, baseline.

So when you say "already" in the progressive format. That's the bad jpg, it needs to be baseline not progressive. So the word "already" is what confused me, because progressive is bad, not good in this case.

I will reach out Pioneer's engineers about this, it may take time for them to respond. You make a valid point. Perhaps something is wrong with the firmware.
My assumption was that car radios only read jpgs that are baseline and then most car radios. Not just this one.

So what I posted rests on a huge assumption that most car radios require baseline jpgs.

I don't know - I see that your player needs it.
My point was: when you download the Aretha Franklin cover from the discogs page that I linked, then you will find, that discogs "already" offers the picture as progressive jpg.
And as MP3tag does not do anything about the picture, it stays as it is. It is not under MP3tag's influence to control which web content is on offer. I mean, MP3tag will also not correct any typos or variable spelling. This has to be done by the user to suit his needs.
I think we can conclude that there is no bug in MP3tag's behaviour but that MP3tag works as accurate as expected.

This is another assumption you've made and it is untrue.
Mp3tag > Tag Sources > Cover Art > MusicBrainz downloads artwork with Baseline encoding.


Brilliant! That is the answer to this problem. Using MusicBrainz instead of the other options.
Thank you for posting that.

Would Mp3tag developers consider moving MusicBrainz to the top of the list, instead of the bottom where it is now.

You can do that yourself. The order of the list is alphabetical. So a renaming of the file "Cover Art#MusicBrainz.src" in the folder %appdata%\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\sources would do what you want.

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