Cover Art limit?

I was trying to attach some cover art and I got an error saying the maximum size (16 Mb) was exceeded. I did not know there was a maximum limit. When was this implemented and can it be bypassed?

From the spec for ID3v2
"Since each frame can be 16MB and the entire tag can be 256MB you'll probably never again be in the same situation as when you tried to write a useful comment in the old ID3 being limited to 30 characters."

Since the artwork is one frame of the tag, it is subject to the 16MB limit.

Thank you! I appreciate the clarification. Perhaps the limit was always there and now MP3Tag just lets you know it.

This applies to mp3 files using the ID3 tag format. I know FLAC has a similar limit to 16MB. I can't recall seeing anything about m4a, but it is safe to assume it is likely the same there too. Maybe you haven't had anything that exceeded 16MB in size in the past?

I did, but the image would not appear in iTunes. Sometimes my changes in MP3Tag would not save. Now I know why. I don't believe I ever read the warning about 16 Mb until now, but perhaps I have just overlooked it until now.

I don't think it affects the image dimensions. I don't think anything at 600x600 would every get to 16MB no matter how much detail is there. But perhaps something like 2048x2048 (or larger) could exceed this.

Yep, I use as large as an image as I can get because they are displayed on a 83" 4K television. I know it is overkill, but it may future-proof my images. I was also using a jpeg quality level of 12. I have reduced it to 8.

The resolution of 4k is 3840x2160, so certainly no need to go larger than that. For proper square album art you are looking at 2160x2160 to fill the screen height, regardless of the physical diagonal size of the TV. So I guess you only have to adjust your jpeg quality down if the image file size exceeds 16MB.

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