Cover Art not displaying

I have approx 700 CDs stored on my computer and tagged with mp3tag. All CDs have cover art attached. When I play using the music app on my iPad, all the cover art is visible. When I play using my network streamer (Cambridge Steam Magic 6) 95% of the cover art is displayed but there are a few albums which do not display the cover art. I have tried wiping the cover art and re-adding it, but to no avail. All the cover art is stored as small (50kB) images. There does not appear to be anything different about the ones that do not display. Any suggestions?

What kind of files are these?

Are the pictures really embedded? Check with filter
%_covers% MISSING
Then, ideally, not file should show up.

What kind of picture (jpg, png) have you embedded?
If these are of the type jpg - are they in progressive mode? They shouldn't.
Which kind of tag version do you use? V2.3? V2.4?
Are there APE tags in the files?

Thank you for your response.
I checked with the filter, on one of the CDs which does not show the cover art, and no files showed up.
The cover art picture is a jpeg image.
The tag is ID3v2.3. I am using mp3tag for Mac
I don't know what are APE tags. How can I tell if there are any in the files?


You could try another filter with
%_tag% HAS APE
to see if there are any files with APE tags.

Thanks again.
I tried that but no files with APE tags were identified from those I checked.

Could you supply one of the files that does not show the cover?

I tried to attach a file which contains cover art, but the art does not show when I stream the track. However it is an mp3 file which I am not authorised to upload. Is there a way around this problem?

You could send me a PM with a link to a file hoster or just the password to a publicly visible link.

I have sent you an email with a file attached.
Did you you receive it?

I have just received a message telling my email was not delivered :frowning: