cover art not working


I updated mp3tag to v2.36a recently. Now, the 'cover' feature (in 'extended tags') isn't working for some reason- when i add a cover, it shows up, and it says it's saving the tags, but then if i go back to 'extended tags', the cover is not shown. It's like it didn't actually add the picture. i tried downgrading to my old version, but it STILL doesn't work! I don't know if anyone can help me, but i REALLY need help, since now I have to use Windows Media Player to add an album cover, which is a pain in the ass. Thanks!


What audio format? What tag type and version? What image type?


Not sure what the original poster's environment was, but I have the same problem.

MP3 files (various bitrates)
ID3 v2.4 and v2.3 (UTF-16)
Jpeg Image
Microsoft XP SP 2

It used to work up until the 2.36a update, and now going back to 2.35 doesn't help. It appears as though the tag is being written (there is an observable lag), but then Alt-T doesn't show any picture associated with the music file.

Let me know if you need any more details or screenshots.



Check if your tags have APEv2 tags and then go to Options > Tags > Mpeg and disable writing and reading of them.


Thanks Dano. That worked. Would there be any workaround to allow me to use APE tags?



You can keep the writing option on if you want.