cover art problem

hello i just use this program today very good one but i have 1 issue:

i have like lets say 50 songs and want to put them in my phone, 40 of them i use the Tag sources - cover art - to find the cover for them and they all show up fine on the phone,
but the other 10 songs theres no cover on amazon so i have to put them in myself, but they all stuck with a same cover as 1 of the songs among those 40??

how do i make them show up properly?? THank you.

Which program does not behave the way you want it?
MP3tag assigns the same cover to all the files you have selected. If you want to have different ones then only select those that should get the same cover and then add the cover.

You should check if you have set ALBUMARTIST, ARTIST, TITLE and ALBUM properly for these files. Players tend to group files by these criteria. So if ALBUMARTIST is not set then it could be that the player sets the ALBUMARTIST to an internal value but treats all the files that have no ALBUMARTIST as though they would come from the same.

ah yes now that u said it i check again and those 10 songs the Album is blanked while the other is listed. I enter album for all 10 of them and now the covers all show up properly on the phone.

thank you sir for your fast reply perfect solution :w00t: :w00t: