Cover Art Quality

When I use cover art>Discogs Artist + Album the highest quality I get is 600 x 600.

When using MusicBrainz the highest I can get is 1200 x 1200. Is it possible to show higher than that (1200 x 1200 is fine, but I'm just wondering)?

With Discogs, is that the highest I can get or is there a setting I can change so it shows higher than 600 x 600?

For MusicBrainz you can try to change the File -> Options> - Tag Sources settings to


But there is no guarantee that you really get a bigger cover. It always depends on what quality and size is available at the source (Cover Art Archive). Please see the details in the documentation.

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As far as I know Discogs limits the size for download and display to 600.

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Several comments in the Discogs forum include something like this:

The reason for the 600px max is so that the image are a representative image for recognition but are not high-res enough to be considered reproduction, which could incur law suits. It's annoying not to be able to see high-res images, but there is a reason for that. Discogs is looking for ways to be able to display higher-res images, but unless copyright owners and lawyers start taking a different attitude to online open-source databases when it comes to copyrighted material, that's unlikely to change any time soon...

I could not find any official statement from/at Discogs.

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Thanks for the replies.

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