Cover Art question

I tried a search but didn't see my issue, so here goes:

I have a large directory of MP3 songs that I play in my car. I have downloaded album art for each song and on my PC art shows up, and in Mp3tag artwork shows when I highlight a song. However, in the car no artwork shows up. Is there a way for Mp3tag to code file to show artwork on my USB stick in the car? I tried highlighting all songs, then save; but no covers show up in the car.

Darn I hate being technically challenged.... :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help


Not sure about what's needed for your car stereo to show cover art — but you can experiment a little

  • Consult the manual and check if cover art is supported, if yes:
  • Add the cover to the file's tag
  • Add the cover as folder.jpg in the file's directory
  • Reduce the cover size to be less than 200KB and add it to the file's tag
Kind regards – Florian